Hello there.

Welcome to my home on the internet. My name is Melissa. This space is where I store my passion for travel and for literature. I like to take road trips to visit the places where my favorite authors lived or beloved novels were set, and then transport you to them through literary travel essays.

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During the day, I write and proofread in the media production world for educational publishers, healthcare companies, etc., and in my free time, I like to write fiction. In the blog, you will also find posts about writing and editing; advice I have found useful over the years, what I have learned as a writer and as an editor, and some lighthearted entertainment for when you drop in.

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter or proofreader, I have three years of experience working with educational publishers, pharmaceutical companies, and other clients. I write and proofread marketing copy, whitepapers, scripts, training module content, and storyboards. On paper, that may sound a little dry, but I really love proofreading and editing (to a ridiculous degree), and I find it fun and challenging. (For more information regarding this type of work, please go here and here.) I used to offer freelance services in the publishing industry for proofreading and copy editing, but I have since decided to focus my spare time on another endeavor—writing books of my own.

I am also a Book Riot Contributor, a Kirkus reviewer, and a book staffer at the Midwest and Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association’s annual Heartland Fall Forum.

Thank you for coming by!